Superbrands® Award for Fissler

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Idar-Oberstein/Düsseldorf 5th Nov 2007

For more than ten years, the independent Superbrands® organization, which operates worldwide, has honored the strongest of product and corporate brands in over 40 countries with this award. The prize-winners are brands that have been commercially stable and enjoyed a positive reputation among consumers for decades - or even centuries.

Only companies and products that have been judged to be "very good" in a preliminary selection round are eligible to participate. Of the approximately 1,000 applications, only the best 100 are permitted to participate in the project. This ensures that only a country’s truly outstanding brands are actually considered. The distinctive jury, made up of representatives of the marketing and media sectors, bestows on the best and strongest German brands the title "Superbrands Germany".

The Superbrands Germany were honored on November 5th in a gala at the "Theater der Träume" in Düsseldorf. And one of the Superbrands this year is Fissler!

This award shows us that throughout the company’s long history, and in line with its long tradition, it has always applied the right standards. Fissler has remained faithful to the German standard of quality throughout the years, while also strongly considering consumer needs. Brand awareness shows that we have been right: Today 90 percent of Germans know the Fissler brand.

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