Marks of Quality

How can you tell that? A helpful guide for buying knives.

All parts of the knife are joined seamlessly. This means that there is a smooth transition without any gaps between the handle and the bolster, resulting from the adjusting step. The blade and handle must also be burr-free and completely even. These aspects are very important, particularly with regard to hygiene, because otherwise bacteria would be able to collect. 

Surface finish
The surface of the knife is finely ground and is also sealed through stropping. Expert workmanship produces a fine, even surface finish.

Blunting resistance
A knife's resistance to blunting defines the length of time a knife will have a sufficient cutting ability for use. Good blunting resistance results from high steel quality, expertly applied heat treatments, and correct finishing of the cutting edge.

Corrosion resistance
How corrosion resistant a knife is depends on the quality of the stainless steel, expert hardening, and the surface finishing. A finely ground and smoothly stropped surface makes the knife corrosion resistant and thus able to resist environmental influences.

Two factors determine whether a knife is safe when used. First, it must afford a secure grip, so that the hand cannot slip onto the blade. Second, the knife must be very sharp, so that less force is necessary when cutting and safe use is guaranteed.

Ergonomic handle
The knife handle should fit the hand, thus enabling effortless fatigue-proof work for long periods of time. This is enabled by an ergonomically shaped handle element that also increases safety.

A good knife is not heavier at either end. Its weight must be balanced between the handle and the blade. The proper balance facilitates safe use of the knife and pleasant work. 


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